Starting Off 2017 with Good News!

We are excited to announce that DEEPEND Barcoding team will be presenting their original research at the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference on February 7, 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana! Congratulations to undergrads Charles Golightly, Lauren Ramos, and Alyssa Morgan, research tech Blake Wilkins, and PhD candidate Jorge Pérez-Moreno for submitting their abstract and getting accepted to present a poster at the conference. Another BIG congratulations to PhD student Carlos Varela and PhD candidate Laura Timm! Carlos submitted an abstract that was also accepted as a poster and Laura will be presenting a talk about her own DEEPEND research!

What is Project DEEPEND Barcoding ?

Blog#2 - What is Project DEEPEND Barcoding ? The Gulf of Mexico is inhabited by a large and diverse group of crustaceans. As part of the project DEEPEND, we obtained DNA barcodes of deep-sea crustaceans to aid in identification efforts, evolutionary relationship analyses, adult-larval linkages, and new species discoveries. A genetic barcode is a unique section of DNA that can be used as a representative sequence, or “barcode”, for the corresponding species. The barcode sequence must be very well conserved within a species, but different enough between species that we can distinguish between them. Barcoding provides a standardized approach for identifying species when traditional taxonomic me

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